How to Improve Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

How to Improve Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life
The Samsung Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing piece of technology but not very good on battery life. I realised this as soon as i started to use it after giving the battery a good charging.

With a battery size of 2,600mAh, one of the best in any mobile phone, you'd think that it would last a while. What you have to consider is that some of the new technology that these new gadgets carry more powerful and use more battery life when in use or not in use.

I had the issue of the battery draining really fast even when the phone was off. I then decided to make a few customisations on my new Samsung Galaxy S4 which would help improve the battery life.

Customisations Will Improve Battery Life

Tests on the Samsung Galaxy S4 suggested that the full charge will last up to 63 hours, which is a lot.

The customisations below will improve the battery life of the phone and you will see the difference instantly.

  • Change the brightness - By reducing the brightness of the screen should improve the battery life.
  • Change the background wallpaper - A darker wallpaper will save battery power compared to a brighter and more colourful screen as a brighter screen image uses more light.
  • Live Wallpaper - A live wallpaper is the one where images move in the wallpaper which drains the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 considerably. Try to use a still image instead. An animated wallpaper uses more battery life.
  • WiFi & Bluetooth - Deactivate the use of WiFi and Bluetooth when not in need of using it. If WiFi and Bluethooth is on in the background, the phone is still searching for connections.
  • GPS & NFC - If you're not using GPS or NFC then switch these off too. Basically if there is something you do not need then it can be switched off and you will save a considerable amount of battery life.
  • Under Charge/Over Charge - Do not under charge/over charge as this will hamper the battery life. If you do charge the battery then make sure you charge it fully up to 100% in one charge. If you do take the charger off, then do not put it back on again straight away. Give it at least another half an hour.
  • Use Power Saving Mode - The Power Saving Mode will conserve the life of the battery.
  • Exposure - Never expose your phone to extreme temperatures, hot or cold. This means to not put it directly in sunlight or leave it in your glove box on a freezing cold day.
  • Under the Pillow - I advise you not to put your Galaxy S4 under your pillow at night or any time. This is because if you haven't done any of the above, then you're phone and battery may heat up. Let it breath.
  • Do Not Use when on Charge - Try not to use your Samsung Galaxy S4 while it is on charge. I've noticed that the battery heats up and the battery doesn't charge up quick enough.

You would think that Samsung would recommend you to do all of the above and maybe more to preserve battery life, but they want you to use their product and all of it's features. This makes sense from their point of view, but sometimes you have to compromise and make a few tweaks to make things work in your advantage.

I hope this list of tips on how to improve Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life is helpful.

Enjoy using you Android smartphone, I can't get enough of it
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