How To Unlock A Nokia Cell Phone

How To Unlock A Nokia Cell Phone
Cellular Network Providers lock the (GSM) phones they distribute amongst their subscribers via what is known as a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) lock. This simply means that these cell phones will not accept the SIM cards of other Cell Network Providers. For various reasons, a person may desire to unlock their cell phone so as to use another Cell Network.

Nokia cell phones are generally easy to unlock, and can be done by a technician which comes at a cost or by you with negligible cost. However, doing it on your own comes with its own risks. Read through the entire instructions carefully before attempting to unlock your Nokia.

Information Needed For Unlocking

1. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)/Serial Number.
2. Model Number.
3. Name of Network Provider.
4. Unlocking Code (which can be bought, requested from your Cell Network Provider, or generated for FREE via an Online Nokia Unlock Code Generator or by downloading a Generator that can be used offline)

Steps For Unlocking Nokia Cell Phone

If you already have a code that you bought or received from your Cell Network Provider, simple go to step
2. Using the Nokia Unlocking Code Calculator, select the Network Provider (and Country); input the model number, the IMEI number and then generate the 15 digit code. You will see a set of codes as shown below (with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx being the place holder for the actual codes).
Note that p, w and + are written by multiple pressing of *. More specifically, this means:
p = *** (i.e. pressing the asterisk button thrice)

w = ****

+ = **
With the SIM card removed, carefully input code 1. A message will appear immediately appear after on the screen stating whether or not the code has been accepted. If unsuccessful, use code 7.
Place the SIM card of the 'other' Cell Network, and turn on phone. Now the SIM card should be accepted and registered by your Nokia, so you should be able to make and receive texts, calls + the range of other features you used exclusively with the original Provider.


After 5 unsuccessful attempts to input unlocking codes, your Nokia will automatically hardlock. At this point, the phone cannot be unlocked via code but by the intervention of a Service Center.
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